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Fabulous King


2 hours 15 minutes


2f, 2m 

Multiple Location / Minimal Set


When her marriage starts to crumble, Brigette's goes from a quiet life in the suburbs to the vivacious world of drag. She breaks the mold by performing as a new kind of drag king — a man that performs as a woman — and skyrockets into the limelight. As her fame rises, her marriage falls farther away and suddenly the life she once knew no longer exists.



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Reviews & Press under title "Mare in the Men's Room"


Production Press



Production Press



Reading Press


NY Theatre Now 

"Within this salad of sexual identity swaps is there really such a thing as love?  Or art?  Or fulfillment?  


Indie Theater Now

Interview with the Playwright

"There are people underneath all the make up and costumes and it is fun to play with that human energy."


The Araca Project 

Interview with the Producers 

"The journey of a woman who trades life in the suburbs for a life in drag. Boom."


Production History under title "Mare in the Men's Room"

Goldfish Memory Productions  at Chernuchin Theater - Off-Broadway - Workshop Production

(Dir. David Shane)


Goldfish Memory Productions at The East 13th Street Theatre - New York, NY

(Dir. Christopher Murrah)


The Araca Project - Special Funding Recipient on behalf of The Araca Group, Florida State University and Goldfish Memory Productions (Co-Recipient: Catie Humphreys)

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