Full-Length - 75 minutes

Dark Comedy 

1f, 2m 

Multiple Locations / Minimal Set


When Dean, Jane, and Michael's polyamorous relationship comes to an end, the trio is forced to deal with the consequences of love in a nontraditional relationship. MMF explores the realities of love, need, want and people who don't know the difference. 




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Reviews & Press



NY Theatre Now 

"I cannot overstate how extraordinary this was, how singularly brilliant the accomplishment of this show is...." 



7 Shows You Should See at the 2014 New York International Fringe Festival

"Go see this show so you have something interesting to talk about over Thanksgiving dinner this year."


Crazytown Blog 

The Buzziest Shows at Fringe NYC 

"Are they bi-sexual? Is that a real thing? I think we need to see this play to find out."



2014 Fring NYC Preview of LGBT-Inclusive Shows 

"A sex therapist might be in order..."


DirtyDurty Blog

Interview with the Playwright

"This isn’t a show that brings topics of sex or sexuality to the forefront of conversation; they simply are."


Dan Bacalzo's Asian American Performance Site

Article Mention

"My other favorite festival play was MMF, by David Kimple. There’s no Asian American connection to this one, but it’s a well-written tale of two men and one woman whose polyamorous relationship goes awry."

Production History 

Playhouse West - Los Angeles, CA - Production 

The Attic Theater Company - New York, NY- Production 

Studio Theater Company / U. of Louisville - Louisville, KY - Production 

Quince Productions - GayFest! - Philadelphia, PA - Production

Silver Meteor Gallery - Tampa, FL - Production

Dayne Catalano at Actor's Express - Atlanta, GA*

Goldfish Memory Productions - Fringe NYC, NY - Production

Lunsford Productions at Ripley Grier, NYC*

Lunsford Productions at The A.R.T. - Cambridge, MA - Workshop*

Gold Lame' Inc. at The Barrow Group - New York, NY*

ArtEffects Theatre Co. - New York, NY - Reading

* = Workshop/Reading