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Reading(s) Announced: #AllTogetherNow [7 new plays including 1 & 1/6 by me!]

Hello friends! We six playwrights at Samuel French are presenting an evening of original short plays and we'd love for you to join us! All you have to do is show up to the Samuel French offices on Thursday night (May 5th) prepared to be delighted by the wit, creativity, smarts, mess and craziness we have generated in the form of ten-page plays. We also wrote a chain play (two pages each) that is sure to be ridiculous. There will be snacks and wine. Now all we need is YOU. Come one, come all, bring friends, and celebrate Cinco de Mayo in style (there might even be margaritas for the occasion, if one of us can remember to bring a blender). The plays are being written as we speak, so there are no titles or order as of yet. Just know that the evening will feature one play each from: David Kimple Julia Izumi Becca Schlossberg Ryan Haddad Andrew Rincón Emily Sorensen ...and the chain play generated from our collective brillia

nce. See you there!

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