Who is Theo?

Full-Length & One-Act Versions Available

100 minutes  & 30 minutes


2f, 3m & 2f, 2m 

Single Set


Amidst the late-night din of St. Patrick’s Day, Donna comes home to find a highly intoxicated stranger named Theo in her apartment. With no explanation of how he got in, she and her roommates try to figure out where he came from and how to get him out. Theo’s undeniable charm and habit for disappearing don't make it easy, however, and when the police show up things only get more complicated. 'Who is Theo?' is a mile-a-minute modern farce and mini-mystery all in one."   




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Production History 

Full-Length Version 

Bristol Valley Theater - Naples, NY - Production - World Premiere 

Kings Langley Players - Kings Langley, UK - Production

Lakehill Preparatory School - Dallas, TX - Production

 Bristol Valley Theater- Naples, NY - Reading 

Gold Lame' Inc. at Primary Stages, NYC - Reading

(Dir. David Shane)


One-Act Version

University of Massachusettes-Lowell - Lowell, MA - Workshop Production - April 2013 

Gold Lame' Inc. at The Smith, NYC - New Works Benefit New Works - Reading - March 2013

(Dir. David Shane - All)

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BVT 2013
BVT 2013

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